Friday, October 12, 2012

Super Easy Accent Flowers

While I appreciate and love artisan made flowers, sometimes you just want to add a simple pop of color to a scene as a nice accent. Here is my simple way to add a cute, small floral touch! They look great potted or in baskets. And the best thing is, $1.00 will give around 30 bunches!!!
This is a pretty ugly "flower" from the Dollar Tree. Most of this will be used as weeds in my haunted manor project. However, with a little color, they can be turned into tiny little accent flowers and be made to look pretty cute.

 Here is a closer view of the branches. You can see that each little bundle is easily pulled off.
I pluck them off and "plant" them into florist foam blocks to work. Now simply pick your favorite colors and go to town!

These are going into this German garden shrine.
Try it. It is super simple, cheap as heck, and quick!

Show Finds!

I found some really fun items for the Cafe at the recent North West Miniatures Show here in Portland. Here are a few!

I just loved these steins as pieces to fill the ceiling shelf. I bought a dozen of them and may hand paint some of them to create a more diversified and realistic look.

 Lovely hand woven baskets will be filled with fresh baked "bretzen". These are made by the same artisan who will be making all of the curtains for the cafe.
I found this amazing German butter maker from Bodo Hennig. The crank turns and actually spins the paddles inside! Every Bavarian Cafe needs to serve fresh made butter!

The "marterl" or wayside station that will greet guests in the garden of the cafe. The flowers still need to be "planted" into the box. I made this with scrap wood pieces. This is why I never throw anything away! This particular one will be sent to Slovenia for another miniaturist.

I found this awesome Rams Head and made a trophy plaque for it. It will hang above the front door of the cafe.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Willkmommen In Bayern!

Willkommen In Bayern
(Welcome To Bavaria!)
My family immigrated to America from Southern Germany not long after the Sencond World War but never left it in their hearts. Along with nearly annual trips back "home", they also instilled me with a strong sense of pride in heritage. I have embraced that pride to this day. After nearly twenty years in the miniatures hobby, I have decided to create a typical Bavarian Cafe not unlike those we frequented for "Kaffee und Kuchen", or coffee and cake, around three o'clock daily during our visits.
These small, family run cafes always served strong delicious coffee and rich (but not overly sweet) pastries, usually on sun drenched patios during the summertime surrounded by impossible amounts of bright, colorful flowers set against azure skies.
Here you can see an example of a Bavarian country home working as a Cafe. These are typically located within easy access to lake shores, Alpine trail heads, and anywhere else visitors may flock to on weekends for a taste of the country life.
I mean really. Is there anywhere more gorgeous?
Like a fairy tale.................playland of the Gods.
This is the actual building being used as the inspiration for my Bavarian Cafe. The first floor will serve as the Cafe and living quarters will be located above on the upper floors with exterior stair access. There will be a generous seating area located in front and along the side.

TONS of flowers will fill the every niche. These will all be made by me from kits from a truly talented miniature artisan, Monica Lavoie.
And all of those lovely pastries will fill the display case inside the cafe. One of my favorite miniature crafts is creating delicious looking food and pastries from Fimo.
Please join this site and follow the progress of the Bavarian Cafe from beginning to end. And please leave comments! I always love hearing from everyone.