Friday, October 12, 2012

Show Finds!

I found some really fun items for the Cafe at the recent North West Miniatures Show here in Portland. Here are a few!

I just loved these steins as pieces to fill the ceiling shelf. I bought a dozen of them and may hand paint some of them to create a more diversified and realistic look.

 Lovely hand woven baskets will be filled with fresh baked "bretzen". These are made by the same artisan who will be making all of the curtains for the cafe.
I found this amazing German butter maker from Bodo Hennig. The crank turns and actually spins the paddles inside! Every Bavarian Cafe needs to serve fresh made butter!

The "marterl" or wayside station that will greet guests in the garden of the cafe. The flowers still need to be "planted" into the box. I made this with scrap wood pieces. This is why I never throw anything away! This particular one will be sent to Slovenia for another miniaturist.

I found this awesome Rams Head and made a trophy plaque for it. It will hang above the front door of the cafe.


  1. Hello Michie,
    Awsome finds. You really mad eout like a bandit! I just love everything but the detail of the Steins.
    I can't wait to see more.
    Big hug,

  2. I see you are in Portland, OR. My German born mother lived there many, many years before her health failed. Wonderful place to visit as well as Bavaria.
    It was quite a show you had, I have never seen beer steins in mini before in my life, thanks for showing them.